Solidarity Building towards Sustainable Rural Development

Organizational Structure

Governance Structure

The governance structure of REED-Pk is very strong. It consists of 6 members.

The meeting of the governing body occurred quarterly, in emergency they can meet any time.

Mostly decisions take place with the collaboration/understanding of management.

Executive Director presents quarterly financial and narrative activity report in each quarterly meeting.

The recommendations given by the governing body implemented which is evaluated on the next quarterly meeting strictly.

Governing body monitor all the implemented projects.

Executive Director inform the governing body about all the implemented and under implementation projects, and where they have applied.

Governing body review all the project quarterly or six-monthly reports before submitted to the partners.


Target Group/Audience

Male and female farmers

Religious leaders of the religious minorities




School teachers

Educational institutions

Local CSOs/NGOs

Networking and Membership

Active member & District Focal Organization for Pakistan CSOs Coalition for Health and Immunization (PCCHI)

Active member & District Focal Organization for National Humanitarian Network (NHN) in addition member of Provisional Executive Council-NHN

Member of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Network

Active member of SPNF and focal organization for Rahim Yar Khan Tehsil

Active member of CRS Gender Network

Active member of Eco-Ethics International Union Germany

Co-Chair for Protection Working Group for Distt. RYK

Co-Chair for WASH Working Group for Distt. RYK

Leading Organization for RYK Peace Network-CSC-Rawalpindi

Peace and Collaborative Network-International

Geographical Coverage


Rahim Yar Khan