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REED-Society appear as a result of in-depth reflection and after having significant review by its like minded group of men and women concerned for the integral development of the rural society, in response to unsatisfactory development and efforts made for socio-economic development of the marginalized and weaker section of the society.

About our foundation

Why we help

We believe in a golden rule ‘’Go to the people, live with them, Love them, learn from them, Work with them, with what they have Build on what they know And in the end When work is done The people will rejoice We have done it ourselves’’

Vision And Mission

Integrated human development through change in attitude with promotion of honesty and harmony, Motivate people for self-confidence for their integral development so that they can move towards a prosperous, free, equal and civilized life.

List of our Partnerrs


Strengthening of society and the effective participation and integration with other organization and institutions that intervene and determine the processes of sustainable development.

Useful information


1. Food security and the improvement of living standard of the rural community. 2. Provision of education among school drop-outs/youth through functional literacy and skill development programs 3. To provide preventive, reproductive and curative health care services to the people, especially women and children of marginalized communities. 4. To make proficient, transparent, convincing and responsible governing structures and processes where women are enthusiastically participating in local decision and policy-making.

Essential Glance of REED-Pk Programs

• Social Mobilization and Development • Food Security & Livelihood Program • Women Education & Child Development Program • Preventive Health Education Program • Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Risk Reduction Program • Human and Institutional Development Program

Organizational Methodology

Step-1 Introduction to and immersion in the community Step-2 Baseline Survey/Social Analysis Step-3 Nascent group formation Step-4 Group formation Step-5 Identification of problems, issues and needs Step-6 Planning to overcome the problems Step-7 Action Step-8 Monitoring, Evaluation & Decisive suggestion Step-9 Future planning & Implementation


• Awareness raising & Social Mobilization • Group Formation, Advocacy & capacity building • Research, debates and consultations • Information generation, collection & dissemination